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28 September 2020Great Houses & Gardens of South-East Ireland
21 May 2020Visit to National Museum of Scotland's Collections Centre
27 March 2020Leo du Feu Study Day
16 January 2020Winter Lectures 2020
17 October 2019The Queen's Gallery, Palace of Holyroodhouse & St Cecilia's Hall
02 October 2019Tayside Design NOW
20 September 2019The Royal Gardens
07 June 20192019-20 Programme Lectures
23 May 2019Jupiter Artland
13 May 2019Sutton Hoo Reading List
16 April 2019Ballathie Lunch
05 April 2019Lachlan Goudie
17 January 2019Winter Lectures
25 October 2018Visit to Hunterian Museum
28 September 2018The Silk Road
24 September 2018A lecture by Andrew Graham-Dixon "Reflections on "Rembrandt"
24 April 2018Golden Jubilee Event
16 April 2018Area Visit to the Scottish Parliament
06 April 2018Pox Pestilence & Plague Application Form
18 January 2018Winter Lectures Application Form
21 September 2017Hospitalfield application form
04 September 2017Area Visit to Cambridge
24 May 2017Dumfries House
04 May 20172017-18 pm Subscription Renewal
04 May 20172017-18 am Subscription Renewal
04 May 20172016-17 Accounts
04 May 2017AGM Papers
01 September 2016Birnam Parking